About Us

Fuse Chamber is dedicated to elite leaders and teams in the Arts, Business and Community.

Things may be changing, but the change is exciting.  Old models of agency and distribution in the arts industry is gone.  Physical product has vanished, but audiences are at your fingertips.   Jobs-for-life, pensions, career paths – even entire careers – are vanishing.

While the education system continues to prepare us for the jobs of the past, they simultaneously have resigned to teaching success as ‘avoidance of failure’.

As information becomes globalized we can study and learn from the greatest successes and leaders on the planet.  Regardless of background or area of enterprise,  champions share mindsets and habits.

Fuse Chamber is dedicated to creating an elite tribe – those who feel the call to serve, to reach higher, and achieve.

A superhero on every corner.

One thought on “About Us

  1. I was really having a great time in your marketing and branding seminar. I want to use this as a platform to start to construct positive relationship. You mentioned that you would be happy to send a slide to us as long as we leave e-mail account. This is my email account. kipros1@gmail.com Thanks a lot. Have a great day! – From Luke

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