Service Is Not Divine

Figure Out How You Serve

One thing that has helped me move ahead immensely is figuring out how I serve.

Understand of service not only tempers and justifies your grand vision (which is important because generally, only the most worthy visions survive); but it also ensures that you have a good reason for getting up every day. A reason for persisting when times get tough. A moral centre to help make decisions when the way forward is unclear.

The trick is to figure out who you serve, how, and why.   But it shouldn’t be that difficult.  Because the people that you serve are probably around you every day. They always have been.  And you have probably always known who you want to help, and how, and why at some level – possibly since you were very young.  It’s that thing that has always been true – you were always good at it.  It always got you fired. up.

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more.

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