Turning Daily Life Into Conversations

No matter what your art or business, you have to write more than ever before.   Staying creative and productive is difficult – if we assume that creativity and content are scarce.
They’re not.   Audiences may expect volume, but they don’t expect perfection.  They want raw, honest, current, candid.   They want you.   So snap a picture, record a clip, or start a video recording while you do whatever it is you do.  Invite your audience in to a day in the life – your studio, your writing desk, your rehearsal space.   Speak with them openly, and unscripted.   Show them your process,  or a pre-release peek at your work.
Or let them follow you on your way to work, waiting in line, on the train, at the farmer’s market…on a walk, in the kitchen.   Tell them about the conversations you just had with friends, or the conversations you’ve been having in your head.
It requires courage to work without a net.   But the cool thing is…it almost doesn’t matter what your product is.   If you are prepared to let the world in, to share, to turn your daily life into your content, people will respond to that honesty.   They will come and look; and stay, and come back again.

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