Episode 38 – The Artist And The Day Job

To be an artist you have to struggle, right?  Having that day job will not only distract you from making your art, it will colour it with commercial impurities.  Having your mortgage payment ready at the end of the month will make you soft….the stream of nonsense continues from there.
Starve if you want to.  It doesn’t make you better.  I think the struggling young artist was an archetype created by the industry long ago.  The realities of this world are that you have bills to pay and people to take care of.  None of those things invalidate your voice, or cheapen your art.
In fact more and more, the industry of the arts doesn’t pay well.  It doesn’t value artistic works or artists themselves.  It values entertainment, buzz, and controversy, but artistry – not so much.  Until we come up with better models and undo the damage that the last 2 decades of cheapening visual arts, music, writing, and performance, people will more frequently turn to hybrid models – I work to pay my bills, I work to finance my art, but I live to create.
Does this mean your ‘real job’ starts at 5PM?  or 9PM after everyone is in bed?   Does this mean I have to get up at 7AM AND play shows until 1AM then get up and do it all again?  It might.
But I suspect that if this is the thing that you love, that you were born to do, you were probably prepared for that anyway..

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