Presentation to City Of Oshawa – Leadership

“Live your Creed” – Original graffiti art by Paul Paget ( – I’m so honoured to have it!

Hey everybody – thank you to all of the great folks who came out tonight in the City of Oshawa and to Oshawa Culture for hosting me!  I was especially honoured by this original bit of graffiti art that one of the attendees made for me/Fuse Chamber – as soon as I get his details I’ll credit it properly and put up some links!

So many talented and passionate folks and you should all know that being able to speak to you is the job of my dreams….so thank you for allowing me to do what I do.

If you enjoyed the section on ‘routines’ and how they could be the thing holding you back (without even knowing it) then stay tuned because I just finished a podcast episode on it, and it should be posted in the next week or so.   Meanwhile, you can check out the episode on leadership qualities that I posted last week to tie in to our discussion tonight.

Download the presentation here.   For those who weren’t at the February session on Branding, you can get that presentation here as well!

More details and info soon – check back by the end of the week for a quick recap and some references…..


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