The Qualities of A Leader

I think there’s a massive call for leadership in the arts.   We need leaders to champion the cause of arts funding in our communities.  We need innovators to come up with distribution models that pay the artists.  And we need bold voices creating content.

Remember that a leader is simply someone who goes first.   It doesn’t take the endowment of a title.  It doesn’t require permission.  It requires courage, humility, awareness and vision.   These are all skills that you can develop – that you must develop in order to make your voice heard.   A follower requires a leader in order to make a meaningful, valuable connection.

The question is always ‘who’.  Not everyone who creates art or works in the industry will be a leader.   Many of us hear the call, but far fewer know how to answer it.  It will require dedication to the cause, even in the most uncertain times.  It will require trial by fire; grit, resilience, and discipline.

Most people won’t find what is required – most won’t do what it takes.   Will you?

Listen to this week’s episode.

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