Practice Combat Every Day – 5 Steps to Beat Hesitation, Procrastination and Overwhelm


You don’t have to be massively better than the competition.  You just have to be 1% better.
It’s not always about being the very best – sometimes, it’s about outlasting everyone else – being the last person to quit.
Do you feel like every day is a challenge?  Do you feel weighed down by the assault from every angle?  If the career is going well, you might have a health scare or a family problem or relationship troubles or money worries or a scratched fender or you went over on your data plan….each day is full of challenges that can wear you down.   Even if you do have clarity in your work life, everyone around you seems to be screwing things up, slowing you down, or getting in your face.   Some days it seems like too much to bear, doesn’t it?
Honestly – the work that we do seems to be the easy part.  Making your art, editing, publishing, promoting, selling….at least if its in your hands you are in control of the quality.   The hard part is lasting through all the other challenges.  I think this IS the actual grind.   This is what you have to get good at.  Because when people give you their reasons for giving up and going back to their day job, they’ll say “it was too hard”….and they’re never talking about the Making Your Art part of the job.
I love talking about grit because I think its the area we are failing at in our education and parenting efforts. If I could give all of you one gift it would be the ability to last through the noise and clutter – once you get the hang of this, you’re able to look at it and laugh at how wasteful and petty most of it is.  If you will experiment with me in the practice of being mindful – watching how challenges impact your thought process and emotional responses, giving it a label so you can understand the way you process challenges and what effect that has on your mind and body, and then choosing a new response – you can become massively powerful.
Because you’ll outlast the competition every time.

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