Branding? Marketing? Here’s How To Do It Right

I had such a wonderful opportunity to speak to some fine people in the arts and culture industries last Wednesday in Oshawa, Ontario. I love what the city is doing with their Culture Counts initiative, and the folks running the program are so passionate and talented – well done.

We were discussed branding and marketing, but rather than going down the predictable road of discussing social media techniques, we spent a good deal of time discussing the importance of vision, purpose, and service in establishing a solid brand. Marketing is an evolving craft, of course, and at this point in time, I believe people still want authentic voices and stories; innovators connecting with their tribe, and conversations with customers. Be clear on who you really are – what you represent, what you were born to do, what you strongly believe, and who you serve when you are putting your art into the world.

A consistent vision will translate to a consistent brand message. All you have to do is speak your truth, day in and day out. Show the world what you’re up to, what you’re thinking. Learning how to use social media is simple once you’ve mastered that. The fundamentals are nothing a few videos or books couldn’t teach you in a weekend.

Knowing your purpose makes everything simpler. Hard work is so hard because it rolls up to the fulfilment of your dreams. You never have to worry about contradicting yourself because what you said yesterday and what you say tomorrow flow naturally from the same source of honesty. It doesn’t matter if you repeat yourself because the fundamentals are always full of wisdom and inspiration. Work diligently on your vision and purpose, and don’t forget to think about who you can serve; how and why. This evolves naturally into your brand.

Listen to this week’s episode on branding and marketing for artrepreneurs.

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