Why You Have No Competition


One of the things that has got to be frightening for any new entrepreneur or artist is the notion that there are just so many voices out there. But if you take a moment to look…really look, you see that most of them aren’t really doing anything. Sure, the number of blogs that were started last year will give you the jitters; and make you question whether you should enter the fray. But if you look at the percentage of those blogs that are abandoned, in the first week, first month, and finally 18 months later, you realize that not too many people keep running too far out of the starter’s gate.
Take a good look and see what your friends are doing. You’ll notice that a very very small percentage of people are actually out there, crushing it, doing what needs to be done. They’re the 95%. Maybe even the 98. What will you be? Because the fact is you really have no competition. If you’re willing to hustle, if you have the vision, if you’re prepared to never quit, if you have the confidence to believe in what you’re doing, then you are already among the 2%.

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