Have we always worshipped shortcuts?  It seems like ‘hacking’ is in – and that makes sense when the pace of work and rate of change is accelerating.
I’m all for four-hour work weeks in principle, but even if I could pull it off, I’d use those 36+ liberated hours to make my next big goal happen.
Despite all the change, things really do stay the same.   Hustle matters.   Working your ass off is king.  If you make excuses, if you cut yourself loads of slack, you get left behind.  Hustle is the great equalizer.   If you don’t light up at the thought of spending 8, 12, 16 hours a day being an artist, being your own business….you probably don’t love it enough to make it your calling anyway.  If you like TV or wing night better than plugging away at your craft, then elite levels of success may not be on the horizon.
Haven’t we all seen that video of Will Smith talking about having no particular talent other than a crazy, ridiculous, sickening work ethic?  If you haven’t seen it, check it out, because that guy is insanely successful.
I currently have some down time – no clients, no gigs this week.  But I got up at 630AM, and filled my agenda with tasks to complete – no, that’s not right….objectives to conquer before the day is done.  I’ll take it easy at 10PM or so, and there’s nothing set aside for my favourite shows (I don’t have any) or going for drinks or gossiping.  I’m just gonna hustle.  What about you?

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