Your Own Voice

Look carefully

Reflect on the people who inspired you. Especially the people who created something truly new. They had some kind of philosophy, some way of looking at things that was inherently different than everyone else.

People who change the game draw their own lines in the sand. They are not content to repeat and promote the thoughts, ideas and designs of others. They are, at first, radical; and they know that acceptance will be slow to come. When it does, it means that they have successfully made change.

How do you become someone with that much certainty, drive, and fearlessness? It’s easier than you think.

You must constantly be experiencing, thinking, examining, writing and reviewing. Live life open to new experiences. Say yes. Be present and observe where you are. And write it all down. Write for the wastebasket. But review it often, because your world view will emerge from the patterns and repetitions….what has been lingering subconsciously may surprise you.

Each of us has our contribution to make. So few of us make the time and the commitment to do it….

Listen to this week’s episode here.

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