The Inspiration Habit

For those who look to making a living as an artist, generating new and good qualitiy ideas consistently can be challenging.  This, essentially, is the hard work of being a creative (along with all the things you DON’T wan’t to do like accounting and marketing, perhaps), but if you really want to love what you do, we have to re-frame how we think about the creative act.

Maybe we have a lot of fear and uncertainty around it.   What if my ideas suck?  What if I sit down to create and nothing comes?  Does that make me an imposter?

I understand.  What will really help make creativity more natural, and therefore far less difficult and fearful, is to habitualize the acts that make creativity happen.   Anything that surrounds you with inspiration – novelty, inspiring people and places, inspiring art or performance, or even stories about successful people – is good.   Find what sources work well for you (for me its going to a live show or meeting other creative people) and carve out time to have a little bit of it every day.

You also have to be ready to capture inspiration in a way that is easy and supportive of your working style.  Technology can definitely help with that.

However you get inspired and however you choose to capture that inspiration, what matters is making it habitual.  Once it becomes a habit, you don’t have to think about ‘commencing the creative act’ which is where all the fear and uncertainty is coiled up waiting to pounce.   LIke driving a car, all of the complex, seemingly life-altering tasks become automatic.

This week, we discuss the tips, tools and techniques for building the inspiration habit.

Listen to the full episode here.

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