Too often I hear people remark that they are stuck, helpless, not in the driver’s seat. They talk about life as though its something that happens TO them. They talk about people who have the lives they wish THEY had, and have elaborate theories about why others have it, and they don’t.

The truth is…there is no difference. You are not stuck. Nothing is happening TO you. You are choosing, in obvious or subtle ways, almost everything that is happening to you. Of course there are external events that you don’t control, but you still get to decide how those events affect or even define you.

Pay close attention to the scripts and lines you run in your head as you go through your daily life. Can you catch yourself making excuses….for why its ok to procrastinate on your dreams for another day, another week? Why you’re not living the life you want? Why you’re not happy, or fulfilled?

Here’s the hard truth. Nothing – NOTHING – will get better…NOTHING will ever be different – until you choose differently. This takes mindset change and tremendous discipline and attention in order to implement. But if you are willing to do it….everything and anything can happen for you.

Get started here.

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