Scarcity vs. Abundance


There is something about our beliefs, more so as the rate of technology change seems to increase the rate of consumption and decrease the extent to which we are truly free from external influence, that makes us scared to miss out.   Miss out on stuff, miss out on events, miss out on opportunities.

We believe, then, that we should hoard our time, energy and money because to do otherwise threatens our safety and survival.

I’m a big supporter of being conservative and protective of one’s resources, but it is very important to change your mindset of scarcity into one of abundance.  When you see opportunities as limited, you will chase the wrong ones because it seems wiser than being without any at all.   When you believe that money is hard to make, you are unable to make moves and take risks when the time is right.  When you believe that your energy and time are finite, you can become uncharitable, inaccessible.

If you believe instead that these resources are abundant, you learn to stop thinking about what you could lose in every interaction – whether its the good opinion of others, a great job opportunity, or actual dollars – and you become a truly free person.

Thank you for tuning in this year and being part of a very unique and growing tribe.  I hope you find this information inspiring and useful, and I look forward to serving you all in 2018.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season,




Listen to the entire episode here:


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