The Laws Of Success

It doesn’t matter whether you subscribe to a religion, a philosophy, read self-help and business books or just model your idols, there are only a few things that successful people believe and do.

There are thousands of different ways to summarize it, frame it, and say it, and that’s why theres steady flow of new books to read and programs to buy into each year.

You don’t need to take expensive courses, or go to prestigious schools to learn them. They are far simpler than anyone wants you to know.

If I tell them to you, there are a few conditions. 1) You will believe it before you can see it. Losing weight or learning the saxophone takes time and effort. So does this. Which brings me to 2) You’ll put in the work. You can’t half-ass it. 3) These are fundamentals. They will continue to serve you in different aspects of your life. They might help you with your business at first, but eventually these principles apply to health, relationships, learning and beyond. Actively seek ways to apply these fundamentals to new contexts.

I will go into detail about each one in future episodes, but for now I want to introduce you to the six keys that can make anyone successful at anything.


OK. To get all six, listen to this week’s episode here:

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