This Is Gonna Take A While

You’ve heard the joke about the overnight success that was 10 years in the making. Nothing worth having comes quickly.

As you’re building your talent and your audience, you’ll find that there’s no singular skill or move that will put you over the top overnight. You chip away through consistent effort and experimentation. Being ready for opportunities is not the same thing as jumping at every offer that comes your way. If you look at overnight successes, one of two things will be true – either they wen’t from zero to hero literally overnight, and then fell from grace equally fast, or were carefully honing their craft over years.

Success will seem elusive at times, but that seems to be by design – only those who are willing to keep working, to wait it out, to stay focused on the right opportunities, on their own terms, will rise to the top.

You have to patient. You have to hang on to the small successes. You have to enjoy the ride.

Because this is gonna take a while.

Listen to the episode here:

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