Productivity Tips for Modern Writers


The modern writer doesn’t always have the luxury of sitting at a typewriter in a log cabin, with a picture window, cable-knit sweater and steaming cup of coffee, awaiting the muse. We probably have day jobs. We have busy lives, and the number of distractions we encounter is ever-expanding.

‘Grind’ is in. We know we have to hustle, prioritize and muscle through the hard work while balancing everything else that needs our attention.

There are tools and techniques that can not only help you catch inspiration whenever it visits you, they also add novelty, fun, and the ability to combine tasks for ultimate productivity. Great tools need to be accessible and portable, simple, and effective. They can be technology-based or old-school. Experiment often with different tools and systems of tools to see what helps – sometimes the promise of a new notebook or app is all you need to crack that ‘block’ that keeps you from getting after it every day.

Listen to the entire episode here:

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