Episode 17 – The True Original – Why You Could Be The “Next Big Thing”

What’s a ‘true original’? What defines someone who defies tradition and breaks the rules to create something new? When they do arrive, they seem to advance the art, changing the game for all time.

Your voice may be unique and at first, it will feel like no one is listening. The worst thing you can do is to tune your artistic taste to whatever is familiar, popular. Experiment every change you get, and you will arrive at the intersection of your unique experiences, influences, and passions. Your internal compass will guide you to something that is at once unique and gratifying to you. it feels right.

If you write for popular taste, you are looking to please everyone. Don’t. Art is ultimately mean to fulfil the self by creating things that go out into the world…but having the world ‘like it’ is not a prerequisite. Pleasing others might make you popular, but it won’t make you memorable. Only things that are true can last.

For the full episode, click here.


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