Outcome Independence

Powerful people do not hang their happiness on getting their way.

Life unfolds as it will, and when plans are shattered and nothing goes the way you want it to, you need to be able to welcome the challenges of change.

If you are singularly focused on one person, one job, one way to get to your goals….you are not open, not prepared for whatever may reveal itself to you. And you’ll miss opportunities while you bemoan the disappointments.

Rather, see success and opportunity as abundant. Anytime something leaves your grip, exits your life, remember that ‘a better one is just around the corner’. To see resources and success as scarce forces you to want them for the wrong reasons, and when you pursue things that aren’t right for you….the world tends to react accordingly. This is the cause of so much anxiety, self doubt, and sadness.

Learn to welcome new and different outcomes. You’ll become more resilient, more responsive, and you’ll stand out from your competition.

Check out the entire episode here.

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