Coaching Check-In

I wish I could sit down with each of you; hear your stories, understand what you need in order to get inspired and successful.  Given that I can’t, I’ll jump online every once in a while to give you the coaching I would give to you individually….but it requires your participation.
I want you to make a practice of reflecting on the week that has just passed.  Did you have a goal for your creative work, leadership development, or business?  Did you hit your goals?  If you didn’t, did you catch yourself procrastinating, or feeling the fear, doubt or even the lack of self-confidence holding you back?
I may not be able to speak to you individually, but there are some conversations I know I’d be having with you if I did.  Most people who are seeking a new, completely fulfilling life, hit the same challenges.  There are things you need to know and things you need to do in order to have small wins and keep evolving and growing.   If you fail to do these things, you’ll wander, and if you lose hope too early, you may abandon the path, and continue living a life of safety and sameness.
I want something very different for you.  Something that most of the population doesn’t have.

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