If there was one thing I could fix in all people.  It would be fear.   Not the healthy fear that gives you pause before jumping into traffic or out of an airplane, but the irrational fear that stops you from jumping into the work that gives your life meaning.
In both cases, the cause of the fear is the same.   We fear physical and existential harm.  So when we assume things are unsafe, our body invokes the fear response that dries us up, shuts off our rational brain, and prepares the body to fight, flee, or hide.  The effect is devastating on performance and on self-confidence, so it has to be stopped.   This prevents you from having good friends and relationships, asking for the things you really need and want, getting the job you deserve, and living the life that matters to you by creating the things you want to create.
There are simple techniques to help you overcome it.   It starts with being aware when fear starts to rumble and pick up steam.  If you can learn to identify it, you can experiment with methods to short-circuit it.   it takes a lot of practice but it is extremely gratifying practice – it generates tangible results right away – and I think once you start to see progress, it will be a little breakthrough that will inspire you to keep working on it for as long as it takes – until it no longer blocks your progress and poisons your mind.

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