How to Summon the Muse

The best way to have good ideas is to have lots of ideas.   Creativity has to be practiced.  It is not something you are blessed with, and its not something that visits you from another realm.  You just have to do the dirty work, realize you will suck at the beginning, and that time and intelligent, hard work are the only things standing in the way of getting better.   I’ve said it before – success comes to those who are willing to do the ugly, hard work it takes to get there, and creativity is no exception.
The process has three parts:
  1. Writing for the wastebasket means sitting down on a schedule to generate as much content as you can without judgement as to its quality.   If you’re stuck, start really small – 1/2 page or less is fine – until you slowly shake the fear, and then you can write more.   Keep everything you write.
  2. Go through all of your raw work to find things that stick out, go together, or lend themselves to further development.  You’ll know them when you see them
  3. Once you’ve collected the right snippets, you have to do the work of expanding, refining, cutting…whatever it takes to get it to ‘done’
Sometimes the idea generation is the hardest part.  We expect the inspiration to hit us, but it rarely does.   You can put yourself in nature, in new environments, or isolate yourself from distractions so you can do your best, focused work.
The hard part is getting started – you’ve got to push through that fear.   How bad do you want it?
Here the complete episode here.

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