How Habits Directly Determine Success

I believe strongly that choosen a compelling REASON for doing what you do – something that is service-based, and larger than yourself – is a strong determinant of success in whatever you want to do.  I’ve discussed this in earlier podcasts.

But reason alone won’t get you where you need to go.  Your reason should compel certain behaviours, and you will need to have those behaviours or ‘actions’ become automatic over time.  Simple tasks like taking care of the books, or social media are an example, but so are creativity rituals, and consistently moving your performance to the next level.

Some habits need to be unlearned – like negative mindsets and avoiding hard work.

Either way, you need to understand how habits work, and take conscious effort to manage and manipulate them to your benefit.  That’s what your heroes did, and now it’s your turn.  Check out the podcast on habits here!



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