Your Life’s Purpose

Too many people are never fully fulfilled because the live a life without true purpose.  Your job is not your purpose.  Nobody decides your purpose but you.
If you spend most of your waking hours doing things because your family, friends or society tells you you should, you are probably choosing a life of safety and sameness.  The world doesn’t need that.  You will be happier in your work, in your home, and in your relationships if you are not constantly living your life out-of-phase.
Your purpose is to create.  What you create is up to you.  Only you can know.  The aim of this podcast is to give you enough information so that you can do the things 98% of the population doesn’t know how to do so that your living and your purpose are one and the same.  But whatever you do, DO NOT ignore your true purpose.  No matter how silly, no matter how unreasonable you have been told it is….to ignore it is an inhuman sacrifice that you were not meant to make.  The cost is simply too great.

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