Fuse Chamber Inc – a business-to-business, full service partner that focuses solely on branded podcast production.  Our goal is to help you make that unique, authentic connection with your audience by showcasing the persona and values they never knew you had.

Write. Record. Connect.


Branded Podcasts

• A full-scale, entertaining and educational production at a fraction of the cost of visual media.

• Connecting with your audience in places that Online and Video can’t reach.

• You’ll have access to a different group of fans and buyers who statistically prefer to support via word-of-mouth.  Our friends tell their friends.

• Part of a robust, 360-degree marketing strategy.


Services You Need

The industry is catching up, but there is still a lot of room for trailblazing.  You can be the podcast that everyone talks about and imitates.  There’s so much green field.  This is a very exciting time to experiment and capitalize. The easiest way to shortcut the adoption and growth process/learning curve is to have experienced professionals show you what works.

who we are

Leaders in Podcasting

Fuse Chamber Inc. provides content, media and consultation to help brands connect with and inspire their fans, and create massive impact.